Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime



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Optimus Prime (a.k.a. Orion Pax) was an Autobot leader, a friend to his teammates and humans, and an enemy to Megatron and the Decepticons. When he was given the Matrix, he became a prime. His brother Megatron was a friend, but then turned into a foe and became a leader of Decepticons. Optimus and the Autobots are there to protect the earth and humans from the Decepticons, no matter the cost.


Length 8.75 m
Width 3 m
Height 3.62 m
Weight 4.135 t
Toughness 1290
Offense 0
Defense 0
Thrust 3600
Output 12890
Cost Coin 6760 / Gold 0
App Version 1.2.3