VecTrec’s Cosmic Ind. Speeder

VecTrec’s Cosmic Ind. Speeder



Craft ID
Revision 12
Parent 5083580552183808
Original 5083580552183808

Cosmic Ind.’s (unfinished) Speeder modified by VecTrec. This vehicle was given the special VecTrec treatment. We transformed it from a small compact sports car into a fully fledged supercar. Don’t forget to download the original car and support the original creator


Length 5.75 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 1.25 m
Weight 2.236 t
Toughness 740
Offense 0
Defense 0
Thrust 0
Output 7400
Cost Coin 320 / Gold 0
App Version 1.2.3